Power Woman on Sparkle

Hey! I’ve just finish a new website identity for a client (in México).
I would love to share with you the power of Sparkle.

Your opinions are welcome!


A great job @soygrafico! :slight_smile:
One suggestion I can make is It looks like you don’t have a 768 device because iPad is picking up your 320 device?

You’re right Hendrik! Thanks! By the way, did you know is there a way to give the instruction of open the desktop version on a Tablet? Because I notice that if you don’t have the mobile version the desktop looks excellent on iPad.

Yes @soygrafico, I’ve played around with that a fair bit and also realised what you have noticed…

Tablets are getting bigger and bigger so just about all the time tablet-landscape will pick up the desktop but not portrait… it picks up the mobile which looks bad. So you have to introduce the 768 device which becomes your tablet-portrait.

I don’t exactly know why when you don’t have a 768 device that the table picks up the 320 device instead of the 1200 or 960. It seems strange!?

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I really like the moving spheres on top of the page. How did you do that? My guess would be Lotti-Animation? I haven’t tried that yet.
I am quite a newbie when it comes to sparkle, so please don’t judge my stupid questions :smiley:

Helene, don’t even say it! It’s a really pleasure can help.
Indeed its a Lottie animation. :smiley: It’s really easy, download and just add it.
sorry for my English broken jeje

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thanks! I just spent a really long time on lottifiles :smiley: that will be really helpful. And I really like your homepage it really speaks to me :slight_smile:

As a tip i have the feeling that it works much better the app for iPhone than search on Safari.

Enjoy and thanks for the comment :smiley:

nice page, Gus!

just one thing, the bottom blur threshold on the first info section (the introduction to Rosy), I fell like it should appear earlier when scrolling down

like, here, it’s in a nice place:

but here I should be already able to read the message

also there’s something enabling horizontal scrolling, think it’s a box or something

Hey @primo thanks for the comment! The first one I think is fix it by now. And the second one… I cannot find where the heck is the element that make appear the horizontal bar. I will make a new file and copy paste every element one by one to find it I guess. The weird thing… is that on both pages appear the damn bar. Rosy Rosas · Soy yo

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on both pages, looks like the horizontal scrolling is only happening with the 1200px device, so there may be something off on that device particularly

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@soygrafico, Going to through a spanner in the works…

I see no horizontal scrollbar on Safari macOS / iOS or on Brave. Even the first time a viewed your site I never came across it. I’m using the latest version of the browsers I’m using.

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