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Hallo - guten Tag,

ist es möglich ein bestimmtes Feature - in meinem Fall die Funktionalität bestimmter Schaltflächen - für die Nutzung auf Tablets und smartphones zu unterbinden, ohne eine vollständige zweite Seite bauen zu müssen?

Über die Schaltflächen aufgerufene Popups bleiben auf Tablets und smartphones leider oft stehen, weil sie über einen Maus-Effekt aufgerufen und geschlossen werden. Ungünstig für smartphones…

Für die Seite, die ich fast fertig habe, ist momentan unter Geräte-Layouts " PC’s und Querformat Tablets" ausgewählt. Ich wüsste auch nicht, wie ich vorgehen müsste, um eine alternative Tablet-/smartphone-Seite zu erstellen und installieren. Vermutlich habe ich da schon bei der ersten Einrichtung der Seite etwas falsch gemacht.

Hello - good day,

is it possible to disable a certain feature - in my case the functionality of certain buttons - for use on tablets and smartphones without having to build a full second page?

Popups accessed via the buttons unfortunately often stop on tablets and smartphones because they are accessed and closed via a mouse effect. Inconvenient for smartphones…

For the page I have almost finished, it currently has " PC’s and Tablets" selected under Device Layouts. I also wouldn’t know how to proceed to create and install an alternative tablet/smartphone page. I probably did something wrong there when I first set up the page.

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You can disable the display of an element on a device by turning off “Show on this device.”

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Hallo Allan,
danke für den Hinweis!

Ich bearbeite die Seite auf einem PC und in der Geräte-Layout-Liste ist angekreuzt "PC’s und Querformat Tablets“. Andere kann ich dort garnicht auswählen.
Wenn ich jetzt deinem Hinweis folge und das Häkchen bei „Auf diesem Gerät sichtbar“ entferne, dann wird auch für alle PC-Nutzer die Schaltfläche unbenutzbar. Gerne würde ich aber differenzieren zwischen PC-User (mit Schaltfläche) und Tablet-/smartphone-Nutzer (ohne Schaltfläche). Das ist das Problem…

Hello Allan,
thanks for the hint!
I edit the page on a PC and in the device layout list is ticked “PC’s and landscape tablets”. I can’t select others there at all.
If I now follow your hint and uncheck “Visible on this device”, then the button becomes unusable for all PC users as well. But I would like to differentiate between PC users (with button) and tablet/smartphone users (without button). This is the problem…

Theoretisch könnte ich die ganze Seite auch duplizieren - für die Tablet-smartphone-Nutzer -und dort die Schaltflächen deaktivieren. Aber dann weiß ich leider nicht, wie ich diese Seite wo einstellen muß und dann veröffentliche. Es muss ja so etwas wie eine browser-Weiche geben… Großes Rätsel für mich …
Grüße Z.

Theoretically, I could also duplicate the whole page - for the tablet-smartphone users - and disable the buttons there. But then, unfortunately, I do not know how to set this page where and then publish. There must be something like a browser-switch… Big puzzle for me …
Greetings Z.

You want to configure the layout specifically for “PC and tablets,” but you want to display a button on PCs and not on tablets, is that right? In that case, it won’t be possible to differentiate between PCs and tablets.

For your information, the category name (PC and tablets) is, I believe, just for reference. A computer, even if it’s a laptop, rarely has such a low resolution and will most likely be displayed in “desktop computer” mode most of the time if your site is configured that way.

It’s generally recommended to create a custom layout for desktop computers and for smartphones (at least portrait mode), and then use the automatic layout selection for intermediate devices. In your case, I would suggest doing that and also customizing the “tablets in portrait format” if you want to hide the buttons. The layout for tablets in landscape format should be based on the portrait format.

There’s no browser switch but simply the resolution of the devices. Especially for the 960 px wide devices it is mostly tablets, as Allan already mentioned so nothing to worry about I assume.

Also: From my experience this “open popup on mouse over” doesn’t work very well in that case when the user just scrolls without moving the mouse just a little to the side as well so you just may think of to not use buttons for mouse over effects but for click/touch only?
I must admit though that with the most recent version this feature works far better even when the mouse keeps its position horizontally.

You may think of this feature for 960 and smaller:

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Thank you Allan and thank you Uwe!
I will first try Uwe’s suggestion and then make me to the various pages.
Have a nice evening Z.

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You may have to try very often - I am just not really satisfied with this percentage styled appearance on this and with scroll motions and so on.

I understand though, why it is done but gives very little control for us designers, I found and find.

Might be a hint to Duncan and the team to consider the ability of pixel values for animations like this and animations overall?

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Even if you want to design your website only for PC and/or tablet, you must be aware that it can also be accessed by smartphone. And this may then look very funny.

To be on the safe side, you should definitely customize the 320px layout. This is a bit of work, but the visitors and not least the search engines will thank you.

Mr. F.

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If I understood the OP correct the only need is to look for, some buttons behave differently between breakpoints, so a mouseover does not behave at all on all mobile devices but “open at a certain scroll position” does.

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