Preview button annoyance

Just a small request - Preview is quite annoying since every time one hits the button, you are forced to review the Preview preferences and THEN click again (Open Live Preview).

The Preview button IMHO should be a one click shortcut to - Open Live Preview.
Preview preferences, should be tucked away somewhere else as it isn’t something we are going to change every time we want to use the Preview feature. Being forced to click twice on different areas of the UI to get to an actual Preview is a bit of a pain!

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Thanks. Actually the idea would be that you keep the browser always open. The preview is live and will update as you make changes, no need to reopen or reload.

But I see how your workflow might be different and prefer to click the preview button to switch to it. The only downside to this is, assuming you don’t close the preview, while Safari will go to the same preview tab, Chrome and Firefox will open a new one.


Thanks for the quick response! I see the approach here now - it was a bit of a misunderstanding on how this is intended to work (keeping the preview window active vs closing it - which is kind of an automatic thing we do by nature, to reduce clutter). My fault, I wasn’t paying attention that the Preview would update in real time. Best to just drag the preview browser window onto another blank desktop, then slide back and forth (Magic Trackpad) to switch views. Got it - thanks again!