Preview - Privacy banner on every page even after accepting cookies

Hi all, I searched through the community but could not see anyone else with this problem or question. So here I am asking for help.
I built and published my site before Sparkle version 3. All good. I then subscribed for version 3 upgrade.

In using the new SEO Assist and adding few other tweaks, I used Preview to check it out. I am now getting the privacy banner on very page, even after I’ve accepted the use of cookies. The banner pops up on pages I’ve already viewed and OK’ed the use of cookies.

With the pre verion3, the privacy banner only showed once per whole site.

I double checked by previewing my old unchanged sparkle file (the same as the one published pre version 3). Same problem, so I can only guess it is due to version 3, not any thing I did to my file.

My set up is:

Anyone else hit this issue? Or any tips on how stop the banner showing multiple times?
Any help would be much appreciated.


In Safari it’s working fine. One banner, one click, and it’s gone.

thanks @thetravelhikelife. Good to know not a Sparkle problem. I just tried a preview on Safari and still having same problem so it much be something in my Sparkle file and or settings. I’ll tackle it tomorrow, after my Christmas over-eating stupor. :grimacing:

ok … :roll_eyes: how embarrassing! I did not notice the version 3 preview option that lets you show the privacy banner on all pages (default is checked).

At least I did not notice this option previous versions or had it unchecked.

Case closed and happy new year.

I’m not sure if in preview mode the cookie is placed.
You should upload the pages and check again.
And a browser must allow/save cookies for a certain time.

Mr. F.

Sorry yes we added this in Sparkle 3 because very many customers were getting confused by the popup only showing on the privacy page.

Hi @duncan, no worries. I just started using the version 3. It was timely because I was about to add SEO stuff and there it was … your new SEO ASSIST, the bit of boost I needed to focus on this. Thx.