Privacy and Cookies page with issues

I can see the privacy and cookies elements only on my largest device/breakpoint. On all other devices/breakpoints I cannot see these and finally published one cannot see the privacy and cookies elements and so “my” videos from YouTube (from clients side and very officially allowed to be used by my client). I can watch the videos on my desktop device because I am able there to check for privacy and cookies - on mobile I cannot check and so cannot watch the videos. What am I missing?
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@UweRausB, what do you have all your Device Layouts set too?

Did you scroll down to see if the banner is there?

First, i would fix the errors (see red frames) and add some privacy text.

Mr. F.

@UweRausB got in touch via email and after inspecting the project this turns out to be the outcome of an old bug that’s been fixed.

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Yes of course. In the meantime I added a new topic with maybe the same bug.

to all possible devices.