Privacy Banner keeps popping up with Blogger

Hi everyone,
I just included a blog made with Google Blogger using iframe in my page. All works very well except for the privacy banner. Every time I navigate within the blog, the banner pops up again. I found no way to stop that.

I have the privacy settings active on the page, with the standard banner from Sparkle. No problem here.
The banner which pops up on the blog site is a different one and sends to the Google privacy page.
In the settings of Blogger there is no mention of this banner.

Thank you for any hint.


Problem solved…
Just in case anyone has the same problem: It does not come from Sparkle. You need to deactivate the cookies notification in Blogger. To do that, you go to the html view of the template and add the following script at the bottom of the header section:
Make sure to have all the necessary informations about privacy on your webpage. I use the option provided by Sparkle.
Don’t hesitate to get back to me if my description here is to short.

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