Privacy bar / banner pops up on every page even after clicking "OK"

On my homepage the privacy bar pops up on every page even after clicking the “OK” button at the first time. This problem occurs on Safari in iOS 14.6 (iPhone and iPad) and in Safari and Google Chrome on macOS Big Sur (11.4) on different computers. I’ve already erased the Cache from Sparkle.
Sparkle version is 3.1 (8483)

My homepage:

Thanks for your answers!


Did you use the automatically generated privacy page? Maybe not. Please read here:
Forum Post
I recommend to redo that.

Mr. F.

Hi Mr Fozzie,
thank you for your suggestion. Yes, I use the automatically generated privacy page by Sparkle and already have redone it. Unfortunately without effect.

Hello. Mr. Dr. Sir.

OK. Next, please check these settings: OK and Deny Buttons

When you do not see any errors, i recommend to email the project file to Mr. Duncan, using the feedback mail: []. He and his team will figure out.
Please provide additional informations about your webhosting service provider. Maybe the error is in the webspace settings.

Mr. F.

I’m also having this same issue on one of my sites. If you figure it out please let me know

I’m experiencing the same issue for my church website. Please help!

Same prob with one of my sites. Strange. Disabled this setting.


Well, my first suspicion was that the browser was rejecting all cookies. But that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

When I go to the Dr’s website as he posted it:
obviously no cookie is set and the banner pops up again and again. Checked with Safari Browser and MacOS Big Sur.

BUT, if I go to this: - oh wonder, a cookie is set and the banner doesn’t pop up again.

Here a developer of Sparkle must look once.

Mr. F.

Maybe i should rename myself into “Dr. Watson” ha ha ha


Another (Sunday) idea: check the website setting in Sparkle. Does it say www. in front of it everywhere?

I would try that, republish and check.

Mr. F.

I’ve tested the publishing with and without the “www” without effect. But I will check the overall website setting.

Sorry to hear that you are still having the problem with the cookie.

I would get in touch with the developer team and/or Duncan.

Mr. F.

Sorry for the late reply. I just realized what the issue is.

Possibly a change in 3.1 that has this unexpected side effect, since we’re about to release 3.1.1 it would be good to fix this. Please contact us at and we’ll look into it with you.

Excellent! Thank you, Duncan.