Privacy mecanics

I have an issue with the privacy configuration. I don’t understand how this is supposed to work.

Scenario1 : People clic on “OK” button : they can see all the website and videos from youtube and vimeo
Scenario2 : People clic on “learn more” : if they clic on refuse, what is supposed to happen, can they visit the site and see the videos ? Actually, on my site, if people clic on “refuse”, they stay on the privacy page and stay blocked on this page. Unless i put a home button. But does this solve the problem of privacy ? Will they be followed ?
Scenario3 : They clic on “remove” : the cookie is deleted ? What if they start navigating after this ? Will another cookie be installed ?

I am a bit confused here, can someone guide me please ?

Navigating from the cookie banner to the privacy page never triggers consent, it’s “safe” in that way.

Once on the privacy page the two pre-set buttons have the purpose of complying with laws in different countries, which require removing the cookie in some cases, or deny consent while still navigating on the site.

That’s the purpose of the two buttons:

  • deny: the website records a different cookie stating the user preference is to not allow third party cookies ever
  • remove: this removes cookies issued by the site itself (which are only the consent and the deny cookies)

Thanks for your reply,
However, if someone clics on deny and goes back to the home of the site, he should be able to see a video embeded from Vimeo, right ? In this case, a video has been put in the background but if you say deny and go back to home, the video does not appear :
Other question, shouldn’t the deny button take you back to the page you were before so that the visitor knows his choice has been recorded ?
Thanks for your reply

Deny means the user does not want cookies, and since vimeo tracks users, vimeo won’t be enabled. I’m not sure what you think the point of a cookie banner is?

Navigation is a separate issue, and while I can agree the deny/delete buttons don’t do much, their purpose is not to provide navigation.

In fact on sparkle websites, if you clic on “deny”, vimeo is still enabled and visitors can see the videos.
So i’m a bit confused on what that deny button really does.
Does it mean, i refuse to vimeo or youtube to follow me, but i can still see the videos ?
I am also confused because, even i can see most videos, the one i have embedded as a background video on the “home”, does not appear…