Privacy Page problem

My website is up and running, but someone pointed out to me that they did not get the cookie output banner ever appear, and nor could they see a privacy page.

I have a privacy page set up, but when I looked in sparkle, I could see that it was greyed out in the the menu structure, which I could not change. It is not excluded from publication in the settings

Can anyone help please?

So an advance on this…
I have managed to get the page showing in the navigation menu - my mistake in that somehow “exclude from menus” had become ticked.
However, the new problem is that the text box for the privacy policy does not sit where it is shown in Sparkle… Instead it starts at the top of the page, overwriting the banner, and continues to the bottom of the page, overwriting the footer. Changing the page length makes no difference - see the attached screenshots.
Anyone got any idea as to why and how to resolve please?

Not sure what happened, best if you send the project file to us.

Hi @Duncan

Thanks for your help. I have corrected as suggested. I however have another issue;
In the menu, “Privacy Policy” appears out of line with the other items, and I can’t figure out why
I’m probably missing something very basic, but can you please tell me what I am doing wrong?