Problem closing window

Made popups with enlarged picture & button to close the window.
Been running good for almost a year.
I know there is a couple other ways to do this, but it was working.
Now all of a sudden I did something and cannot figure why when you “click” the red X button to close, it takes you to the “top of the page.”
Here is an example on my site: click on any necklace.

Thank you

This might be the answer: in your layout, when you click on the Close box, you will see “On Click – Close this popup” in the Style menu. You must then click on the “Close this popup” option and then select the number of the popup to close.
Does that solve it?

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Yes it did. Thank you.
I do not remember having to do this; choosing the # of the popup or even having to ALSO use “Close this popup.” Ok this will fix things. I have some 250 of these to do this to today.

[Note: I noticed things were not working correctly yesterday, all popups did not work. Every picture of product did not even link to the popup. All were down at once. When I spent the time and "linked them properly, the “close box” problem I posted happened. Quite frustrating. But :slight_smile: all good!!!

Thank you again.

Yes, you have to link the Close box to the specific popup. It’s always been like that as far as I am aware. Such links can get lost if, for example, you drag a page from one layout into another.
Glad to know it solved your problem.

Fixed all and working just fine. Thank you again for pointing out my mistake.
Guess my memory is getting bad. Not a good thing for programming. But I am getting pretty old.
Have a great day, you made mine.

Hello @golden1one :wave:t2:

I assure you, you’re not losing your mind. :smiling_face_with_tear: The system was different before, this change happened with Sparkle 4, I believe. :blush:

Thank you, that was very nice of you to let me know. :slight_smile:
Been using Sparkle for a few years and have upgraded each time there was something.

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