Problem. Lock up on this page

Rather odd. I had a lock up filling this page in settings. Probably user error but Ive included a screen shot.
I probably have to fill out more before I move on, but unsure of what to fill. Also can’t shutdown because Sparkle won’t close. So I probably need an emergency shutdown of the program.


Hi @Woodrow, sorry about that. What would be helpful is figuring out how that happened, what the sequence of actions in Sparkle leads to that. That would make fixing the issue trivial.

No problem Duncan. I was seeing the different features in each category. Originally the site wouldn’t publish, so I’m in talks with the service provider.
There was a setting in publish giving Sparkle access to images, if I recall correctly. I jumped around in that for a while waiting for SP tech support. Then I decided to hit the top category and start again. That’s when it locked. is just a test site for learning sparkle so nothing gained, nothing lost.
Thanks for checking in