Problem video playback!

hello! every ones, today discover that chrome dosent play some of my videos in one pop in safari works perfectly but in chrome for mac, windows, and edge is the same problem
example; News is going to show a little blue pop when you click it show another pop whit a video

Need a lot more information, Charles.

  1. how about posting a link to the website with the video that won’t play.
  2. how did you make the final encode - what application?
  3. How big is the final file?
  4. Did you save it in the Sparkle project or is it being called out to a link elsewhere?

Post more info and we can help…

the link is the post “news” when si the page look for little blue pop

click it!

this video does not play on chrome for mac or windows

Again, without the previous questions being answered there isn’t enough information to help you.
The element isn’t being recognized as a valid video element on Firefox or Safari.

More information is always helpful @Charles_red

I checked out the blue promo tag in Chrome and Edge for macOS and I saw the bag with the % going through its animation, but like you have said the video doesn’t play.
Safari recognises it is a video but Chrome and Edge doesn’t, so it might not be loading correctly and most likely due because you do not have an SSL Certificate?

A first thing I’d try is to re-encode the video with, haven’t looked but maybe the video is encoded in a way that macOS and Safari like, but Chrome’s decoder is more strict. Handbrake always produces a video stream that works with all decoders, be sure to check the “web optimized” checkbox.

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thank so much for comment, no doesn’t have SSL acitivated some time forgot the little details

Thanks Mr. Duncan the other videos in the site had the same encode and no problem with them, i´ll reencode again let waht happend

thank for your help

Hello Charles, I am using Chrome, Version 101.0.4951.54 and the videos pay without any problem. Helen