Problem with a simple Sparkle blog

Problem with a simple Sparkle blog. .

The blog function in the current version puts way too MANY blogs on one page.
The result is a month long stack of icons with no real way to choose which one to view the content.

My trick is to split the number of blogs. Only about 8 or so are shown.

Need to put an invisible Section just below the blog’s Section, one that does not show it’s Section in the Menu.

Then you decide where & when to split the ‘current blogs”.

Click and drag older blogs, then drop them on the invisible Section.

You may be able to highlight as many as 3 blogs at a time, for dragging. Dragging from the bottom of the stack will be easiest, but will result in the older blogs being out of calendar order.

Delete some irrelevant blog entries.

Finally reSAVE the whole Sparkle file from the highlighted 1st visible Section, and republish.

Some method of getting to the collection of older blogs should be provided. Maybe putting a dedicated link in the stack of “current blogs” would be sufficient.

Now if all that were automated…

@jol, I see you have been experimenting which is great but I’m sorry, I don’t follow what you are trying to get at with this blog post archiving?

At the moment (on the Blog Index page) your newest blog post is placed at the top and so the page grows from there. On that page you have the ability to choose how many blog posts (or blog post summaries) can be displayed - 3, 5, 10, 15, etc…

So how I see it I can have my latest 5 blog post summaries (looked on as my latest entries) on the Blog Index page and if the User wants to go further they can move onto the next page with the next 5 blog post entries. This would indicate that the blog posts are getting older and older.

If you want people to get to your latest, say three, post entries you could place an image, text, and button combo on your home page to move the User across to the Blog Index page or to the actual post.

The other thing is I would not have my blog post entries be part of the navigation, that is what the Blog Index page is for.

Hi Jol

Like greenskin, im not 100% sure what the problem is. The blog feature is quite limited at present, i’m sure this will develop over time. You can however use the feature to create a nice blog post with index as greenskin has mentioned. I have created one at the following link (there are only 4 posts so far, but you get the idea)

Little Wold Vineyard Blog

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Like what you have done there @andymaltby! A really well done blog! :slight_smile:

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thank you… :slight_smile: