Problem with Animate on scroll

I’m having trouble when I publish my site when use the Animate on scroll on an image it does not render when I publish. any help would be great.


That generally happens due to javascript errors on the page, which are generally due to embedded code breaking. Not really possible to diagnose without seeing the site. Can you share the address?

same here. it is just one page locally works in preview but not in publishing do disk

Publishing to disk is error prone, as mentioned in the relevant section in the documentation.

Sparkle produces optimized content that’s web ready and doesn’t work when opened from the Finder. So it’s all ok if you export to disk to tweak the code or whatever, and publish it.

But if your workflow is to export to disk to look at the content, it won’t work.

There are two possible solutions:

  1. view the site via a web server, so publishing it to a hidden/temporary location on your web server
  2. export to disk by setting the “offline compatible” option during export setup, this produces a different slower site that works when loaded from the Finder (but notice that it is a slower site, you should not publish this)

Anchors would likely not work when viewing an optimized site from the Finder, because they implement smooth scrolling via javascript, and javascript isn’t loaded correctly in this case.

works ! thank you :slight_smile: