Problem with Blog and Monterey?

With macOSMonterey, when I select Blog Post (both in the Full Blog and Summary) it disappears. Is it a new feature or a bug?

Hello. No problems here with Mac OS 12.0.1 and Sparkle’s Blog feature.

You have the latest sparkle version running?
Please be more precise when you say “it disappears”.

Mr. F.

Here is a short video of what happen

If you want to change the title/head of a blog post, type the title, go to “page” (“Seite”) and insert your title there. The same with the date. Do not change them on the canvas.

Ok, but still the title disappear if you select it.


Isn’t the title a smart field? It seems, that’s the normal behavior.
Do it like KimOliver.

Mr. F.

You cannot “normally” write in the Blog Post field. Something wrong the way it works

The longer I think about it and test, it might actually be a bug. The behavior does seem strange to me.
And maybe it is due to Mac OS 12.

And it doesn’t seem to affect the blog per se, but the Smart Fields.

Mr. F.

macOS Monterey got just released don’t expect sparkle runs smoothly without an update.
Wait for Duncan till you update your macOS.


I think I read in one of the last change logs “Preparing for Mac OS Monterrey”.

Only the master himself can enlighten us here.
Maybe this bug crept in during the last update.

So the Smart Fields are no longer usable.

Mr. F.

I think I will concur!
Been using macOS Monterey today and have also noticed this…

Thanks yes that looks like a bug with smart fields (which blog titles are based on), we’re fixing this and will release a 3.1.6 shortly.

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Good Morning Duncan.

Does this error affect already existing smart fields of a web page? What happens if I publish again?

Mr. F.

They are just not rendered in the canvas.

Apparently everything was working fine up to the last Monterey release candidate, the bug is in the release 12.0.1.

We’re developing a work around for this, but don’t have a fix yet.

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Sparkle 3.1.6 is out with a fix for this.


Thank you so much for that update. :slight_smile: