Problem with Copy and Paste in V5 with a V4License

I assume this is an issue mainly with the new version of Sparkle 5 though I’m still using my 4 version, when I try to copy and paste a nav menu from one page to another, it will not paste within the same page or to other pages. I don’t know if this is an issue with the Project File Upgrade when I try to open a V4 project file in the V5 app with the license for V4 and it automatically converts it to a newer format. It wouldn’t be a problem if I could actually go back to the previous version of sparkle but doubt that’s possible since it was an auto update. Any suggestions or solutions for this issue? Or have others experienced this issue?

@graphicsguy03, from what I understand a lot has been changed under the Sparkle hood. Opening a Sparkle 4.5 document has Sparkle 5 doing a bit of behind the scenes magic, and for now it gets you to save it independent of the original V4.5 document you opened.

So I’m guessing the same goes on with copy and pasting between V4.5 and V5?
I’m sure as the days go on the regular updates to V5 will have everything settle down…