Problem with external html code


I have to create a very long text for a privacy policy. I have a template in Open Text Format (odf LibreOffice). I then tried to insert this long policy text via the code box feature to include external content. Especially since the text is formatted very quickly in Libreoffice.

  • Export the odf document to an html document and control the html-code in a web browser. View sufficiently perfect.
  • store the URL of the html document with the policy inside the code-box .

In Sparkle the policy text is as long as the code-box is.

Unfortunately in the preview or after publishing I can only see a fraction of the text on the website because the text is displayed in a vera small window with a scrollbar. The formatting of the text inside this small window is correct.

Is there any possibility to define or extend the height of this small window?
Thanks for all hints.

If you are referring to the Embed HTML tool, then check the expand to fit content button, which you can find under the code window when you have a HTML iterm selected.


Thanks for the hint,
That was the problem. The HTML code length is fixed and I had activated the switch.
(You can see the red checkmark in the first picture on the right side).
Works fine now.