Problem with Instgram feed

Hi, I just uploaded my first sparkle created website on GoDaddy. In one of the pages Im using an Instagram feed as a photo gallery. In the preview mode the feed displays ok, but when I upload the site on the server the feed doesn’t show at all. Any suggestions?

Instagram has a few specific requirements:

  • you need to have PHP (version 5.6 or later) on the server
  • the web address you enter in the site settings needs to be exactly the address you publish to
  • the linked profile needs to be public

If those are ok and it’s still not working then I need to take a look at the issue on your site specifically.

Hi Duncan, Thanks for your prompt answer, it made me to take a better look and I noticed a https instead of HTTP in the webpage parameters thanks.

Just another question, I think it would be useful to have the possibility to have something like a little number to appear in a corner of every object to indicate in which layer is placed. I’m using some transparency and the order of the layers/objects is causing that some of them are not displayed at all.
For example I have this in sparkle

but what you see in the page is this:
(the site didn’t allow me to ad another picture) but the background image is not displayed at all.
I solved it by changing the order of each object but sometimes is a little tricky to do that without any visual reference.
Thanks again

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I must agree with Rtornaghi about keeping track of the layers. In Photoshop, they have a Layers list where you can drag a layer up or down to make it visible / put it where it needs to be.
The current fad in websites is for lots of layers overriding one another as you scroll… wonder how long that will be trendy?
Something like that layers list would come in handy in Sparkle, but I imagine coding such a feature must be fairly involved.