Problem with Mobile Landscape Layout and Preview

Hello Duncan,

Thank you for the reply. I am still exploring Sparkle. I bought Sparkle two years ago and then shifted to Rapidweaver after giving a fair bit of try from my side. I was able to build my website in Rapidweaver the way I wanted to. But recently I upgraded my Pro lic with developer tools to 4.x as I thought to give another try to the tool.

I must say that I never thought that sites like these are possible to make in Sparkle. Consider this my ignorance of the tool or a too early notion that I created about the software in my mind. I understand that it takes a lot to write a software (as I myself have been a software developer in the past).

I understand that Sparkle is your baby and I didn’t mean to hurt you at all. My apologies if it sounded like that.

I am going to continue to build my website in Sparkle especially after having a look at all the websites that you have listed. I see a lot of potential in the app now. It’s just that I am not able to find much tutorials or videos on google about the latest version of the app with the advance features except for the documentation and this forum. Sometimes you know that one desires to have a quick tutorial or watch a quick video on Internet instead of leaving a query in the forum as it takes some time for the community to respond.

I am sincerely thankful to all the senior community members and appreciate their effort who have been helping me out with my queries in detail about various things in Sparkle. I will continue to seek help and support from the community in the future as well. I hope some day I am also able to help someone with their query and contribute to the community.


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Hi @vermau I have not been the designer of these sites, I have simply shared two of the latest professional works made entirely with Sparkle that have been presented in this forum. Here you have the links to their threads in case you want to ask their authors.

Anyway, I think @primo has answered your question correctly. :+1:

You have to keep in mind that almost all Sparkle components are designed to offer the maximum possible flexibility. So, to work with this tool, you have to change the mental chip of the prefabricated to start making by yourself the solutions for your project.

Good luck with the reworking of your website. :muscle: :wink:

While Sparkle is my baby, I have a tough skin and you can write anything :sunglasses:

But I think a mischaracterization of what Sparkle can do, thrown in casually as fact, is unfairly damaging.

Trust me Duncan, I am loving to work in Sparkle now. I am halfway through my food business website already. Though some challenges are there, but I am sure I will get help from the community to resolve those issues.

Please check my website I am developing in Sparkle ( ). Your valuable feedback is welcome !!

I can only imagine that ver 5.0 will be power packed with new features. Few things that are in my wish list are:

  1. The ability to create components that can be reused within the same project or other projects and the freedom to make cosmetic changes to each instance of the component as desired.

  2. Layout Block dividers with the ability to provide an angle to the dividers

  3. Few more options for animations on elements like Zoom out effect (going from 150% to 100%) with the ability to hide the overflow of the image

  4. Addition of few more filters like Backdrop filter on an element to create a subtle blur effect on the object behind the element

  5. Ability to create global swatches and pallets for the app as a whole and for the current project

Maybe I am just overthinking. I know you don’t disclose the upcoming features in the new version, but this is just my wishlist.


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This is already possible, background filters are a feature of boxes:

See for example the header of

If by global you mean that can be used across projects, that’s not currently implemented. If you mean within a single project, that’s always been the case, since version 1.0 actually. All colors are synchronized across elements that use the same color well.

nothing to do with site building, but can’t help wondering: do you really mean ‘relinquish’ your taste buds??? hope not, for your customers . . .

Thank you @rapbox for pointing out the mistake. I have corrected it.