Problem with »Password Protection« / »Page Following Logout«

I tested the »Password Protection« and created a logout button that causes a logout function. BUT the »Page Following Logout« is not working as expected. The output does not show the selected page (all settings are correct).

Instead it »tries« to show a page called »…/index.html« that of course does not exist because Sparkle’s output of the »index page« is …/index.php. This occurs no matter which page I select as the »Page Following Logout«.

Am I doing something wrong or ist there a bug in Sparkle’s output?

Testing was with Sparkle 4 Trial / MAMP (newest version) / AND after server upload – same results.

The corresponding »logout-xxxxxx.php« shows this:

<?php session_start(); unset($_SESSION['user_id']); unset($_SESSION['username']); unset($_SESSION['user_name']); unset($_SESSION['user_surname']); unset($_SESSION['user_email']); unset($_SESSION['user_info']); unset($_SESSION['user_groups']); unset($_SESSION['user_logged']); unset($_SESSION['user_redirect']); header('Location: index.html');

Hello say_whaaat,
You’re right. I already noticed that too.
index.php would be correct.

Hi friesischherb,
index.php (instead of index.html) would be correct if I would have chosen the index page as »Page Following Logout« but index.html is the output no matter which page I choose in the dialog …


After rebuilding the »Password Protection« scenario from scratch Sparkle’s output creates the xxxxx.html page(s). BUT still the »Page Following Logout« is not working as expected: The output does not show the selected page but instead always shows the index page – no matter which page I select as the »Page Following Logout«.

But isn’t it great that Sparkle has a new logo! :neutral_face:

What a waste of (my) time …

This password thing looks really complicated.
And I’m really not an expert in PHP. This is just a guess:

Why don’t you make a logout.php page that says goodbye to the visitor. Similar to the thank you page for a form.

Mr. F.

Thanks for your input …

I could do this but I thought Sparkle is all about »no coding«.

That is no coding. Just create a new page with some goodbye words and save it as logout.php
Then add this page in the setting “Page Following Logout”.
Just my idea.

Mr. F.

And why should a user create workarounds if »Probably the single biggest addition … « is not working as announced / described?

Then add this page in the setting “Page Following Logout”.

That is excactly what is NOT working because »Page Following Logout« aways leads to index page no matter what page you chose. Check it out yourself.

But thanks anyway.

Hey @say_whaaat, I just tested and it’s working fine for me. Would you mind sending us the project file so we can test?

Please send the project file to and we’ll take a look.

Just sent the project file to


Where can I find that, can’t se it anywhere ???

Thanks. The first thing you get blind on is your eyes. :smiley:
Well, the logout page is working for me, no issue.

Found a bug and fixed it, one of the edge cases is the logout page will work fine if you have set a web address on the site. Anyway the fix is coming soon.


:+1: Thank you, Duncan. Fast and helpful support.