Problem with password

Hello everyone,

I wanted to use the password feature.
I think i did everything right… adding a user, setting the group, having a login and logout etc.

Still I get a Service Unavailable error all the time.
I am sure it is something simple I’ve missed… but what?

Could anybode please help me?

Thanks a lot!



Hard to say when we can’t see all the details of your project.
Maybe you can post a screenshot of the registration form settings here. So, the page to go to after successful login, allowed groups and logout page.

It can also be due to the PHP version of your web server. Is PHP active at all?

Mr. F.

This is most likely a PHP version issue. Sparkle requires at least PHP 5.6, but even 5.6 is really obsolete, and version 7.x is starting to be deprecated as well. I’d suggest version 8 if your web host allows for it, or version 7 otherwise.

Thanks a lot – it was indeed the PHP version.
Got it sorted, works like a charm.

Thank you!