Problems publishing


I’ve made some minor changes to a website, and I’m trying to publish. The process starts, though it looks like it’s uploading the entire website, every image and page. Perhaps this is because I’m running on a new system. It chugs away for a while on perhaps not the best internet connection. The progress bar moves fairly quickly to start, but then about two-thirds of the way the progress bar seems to slow don, though the speed of the actual upload of content doesn’t seem to have changed. After about 30 minutes I get an error exclamation. The accompanying message is unable to upload the files, please verify your settings and retry. If I retry it again uploads everything on the site and again fails. Clearly the application is connection to the FatCow servers as it uploads for quite a while. Is it disconnecting somehow and then not reconnecting?

Any guidance on troubleshooting this would be really appreciated.


I just wanted to add that looking through the server I can see that all the images have today’s date, most of the css folder, most of the js folder, but none of the pages themselves.

Sorry to hear that @Tom.

I think it is best to raise this with Duncan. It sounds like a host issue but Duncan can check. Please get hold of @duncan at

Thanks. I was hoping there was something obvious.