Problems with Sparkle's FTP Settings

I’ve had issues today, trying to setup my FTP connection to, my web hosting company. After I select the appropriate settings in the Publishing preferences, the connection to the FTP server times out, with the error message “The FTP server is not correct or blocked, please check whether the server address is correct.”

After spending several hours on the phone with A2Hosting customer service, we were able to determine that I am connecting to the server, but the connection is somehow timing out or being blocked. While I was on the phone with support, I downloaded and installed the FTP client FileZilla, published my website to a local folder, then used FileZilla to copy the folder’s contents to the /public_html folder on the web server. My public site is working fine now, just wish I could use the built-in publishing in Sparkle.

Anyone else having similar FTP issues connecting Sparkle to your web hosting provider?

Lane Hartle

In general any connection from either app should be identical.

We are not aware of compatibility issues, though sometimes some servers behave weirdly with TLS v1.3 (which is why it’s a separate setting in Sparkle).

Sometimes a network blocking app like little snitch or trip mode, or an antivirus, will allow some apps a network connection and not others.

Finally there’s a macOS security misfire since Catalina whereby (very rarely) Sparkle will be unable to connect to the internet until a reboot. Doesn’t sound like this is your case though.

So I’m not sure what the issue could be. We definitely have never observed the issue.

The only issue I had was from almost timing out when it was automatically trying to connect.

My hosting company said to use SFTP and gave me a different port number to use with it - it worked instantly with no further problems.

Check with your host again and see if they have a specific port on their servers for SFTP

I had a similar issue that was corrected when I changed from “Auto Detect” to “FTP” in the publishing options.

No problems at all in current time. Just uploaded 3 different sites, several times, without any glitches.


I’m using Little Snitch swell and all the time and it doesn’t interfere at all with Sparkles ftp-upload.