Problems with the drop down menu

Hello Sparklers, I have a problem with a menu. In the upper area it is set in such a way that the header is initially wide and becomes smaller when scrolling. The menu in the narrower header folds out neatly. I duplicated and recolored it. Unfortunately, the menu does not expand in the wide version. I’m grateful for every tip.
Unfortunately I can’t post this page publicly here.

greet Steffi

Hello :wave:t2:

With the limited information you provided, I’m not entirely sure I understand how your menu works, so please excuse me if my response is not quite on point :sweat_smile:

Have you checked that no element is placed on top? This could obstruct its proper functioning.
Is your menu grouped with other elements? If it’s grouped and not in its original size, it’s possible that the sub-menus may not display properly.

If you can provide additional pictures or a short video to better explain how your menu works, it would be easier to assist you ^^

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Hi Allan, unfortunately I don’t know how to describe it better. Also I can’t show the page here. The effect is something like on this page:
The header is first wide with a gradient and negative text, logo and icon, it disappears via opacity when scrolling and the header is then positive. there the menu works correctly. The submenu folds out.
Can you understand that?
I always have trouble with the menus. The colors change constantly when you move something and unfortunately never in a way that you could say “oh, that looks good”. But that’s another story and goes on my wish list here :wink:

Hi Steffi.

The information is still too poor for a detailed analysis. But I think I have found a possible error.

Did you also duplicate the menu so that you now have two of them?
That may be the problem. The best thing to do is to make the menu (only 1 menu!) separately in a wide box (transparent), group this and put it on the top layer where it will be fixed.

The background can then be animated behind it.

Mr. F.

Ah, thank you. I think that’s it. :hugs: