Progressive Web App

Is there any way I can make a Progressive Web App with Sparkle?

@dpamping, From my understanding PWA is a bit of a hit a mess thing that Microsoft coined and Google has moved along with it, but in the end it is a secure (https:) responsive website that looks and acts like an app you would download from the App Store.

I’m sure that @duncan knows more about it, but from my understanding you can build a mobile website that is responsive and viewable on all browsers and that you can make look like an app, but for the most part you won’t be able to use the phones functionality reserved for the app experience.

Hi @dpamping, you are looking for a development tool. Sparkle is a visual website builder.

Hi @dpamping, maybe it’s that you’re searching for:

With Famous you can visually create (in the browser) app-like designs for mobile devices. You have to register (free of charge) and if you are happy with your creation you can download it by paying a one time fee. They recently had a desktop app but discarded it what I found a downside because I absolutely dislike the fact to be permanently online only for doing my work. Nevertheless they have some great, aesthetically very pleasing examples on their site you can use as a template. You can also start with a blank page. Famous has a Youtube channel too:

Hope I could help.

No way I would ever download an app from the web to my phone.