Project Layout Issues on Newer Operating System


I wonder if someone could help please?

I have transferred a Sparkle project file from an old computer (Catalina) to a newer one (Ventura) and I seem to be getting issues with the layout within the project when opening the file on the newer computer.

Both computers have the latest version of Sparkle, and I have downloaded the fonts required for the project but when opened on the machine with Ventura the elements that have been hidden (using the tick box ‘Show on This Device’) on the other device layout settings are still appearing on the layout canvas even though the element is greyed out on the Layers side menu.

When you click on/off on the particular checkbox again nothing happens!? the elements remain visible hence making it very difficult to work on the project.

However when I preview the site on google/safari it views fine with no issues and only the elements\layout required for the page are showing.

I hope the above makes sense and would really appreciate any help or advice.



That seems to be an easy fix :slightly_smiling_face:
Bildschirmfoto 2024-06-23 um 10.54.32
Klick the eye icon and choose the right option.
In your case it could look like this:
Bildschirmfoto 2024-06-23 um 10.56.25

Mr. F.

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@StratBluesLC I think this one is fairly straightforward…
If you go to the top left just above the canvas you will see an eye icon. Clicking this will give your the options to view hidden elements or not.

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Thanks for the help, that sorted it :+1:

Thanks also for the help. All sorted :+1: