Proposal to enhance the web page search


Internally, the number of matches is determined in order to calculate the required number of pages based on the maximum number of matches to be displayed. Correct?

Number of pages = round up (matches / maximum ; 0)
This is how you would do it in EXCEL.

So why not display this in the results page?

Your search for “{ search query }” resulted in X matches
Instead of “0 matches” maybe “no matches”. That’s a little friendlier.

On the last page of results the [ >> ] button should not be displayed. It only leads to an empty page.
Same with only 1 page showing more than 1 match.

Bug fix for the button in the search (style options).

As I said, it’s just an idea. What do you think about it?

Mr. F.

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Good suggestions

Would be helpful if...

some screenshots could be added :slight_smile: