Protect ‍With ‍Password

Password Protection/Downoald pages; having set up the login/password ‍combination, i.e. protected page, login form users and user groups, which works great for one page; however, to have multiple pages to safeguard, it is necessary to set up an intermediate page with links to the various pages, interestingly the user will only see the one link associated with the login they used. I find this very cumbersome; I hope the next version fixes this so that you go directly to the page related to the login used.

Hi @adrianskehan,

I’m unsure about the exact setup you have, and I’m not sure about what solution you are suggesting exactly.

If you have multiple groups and no page accessible to all of them, it’s not going to be great to link to any single page, because some user will be denied access.

This is more about the structure of the site though, not a specific problem in Sparkle.

There are two solutions to this, one is the one you found:

  • create an intermediate page that’s accessible to all groups, with links to pages visible to individual groups, and those links are made selectively visible to each group (unchecking arrange → show to all users)
  • or alternatively put all content in one page, but with the whole content selectively visible to each group

The other is a bit simpler:

  • link not directly to a page, but to the login page
  • set the login page’s default page for each group to be the page accessible to each group (Sparkle actually only allows those to be set)

The downside of this second approach is even logged in users will always go through the login form.