Publish to Amazon

Is anyone using AWS to host? If so how did you go about using Sparkles publish feature with AWS?

At last count AWS was over 150 services, so I think you need to be a bit more specific.

These would work with Sparkle’s built-in publishing:

  • an EC2 instance, publishing to a block storage-based volume for persistence
  • light sail (it’s standalone somewhat like VPS offerings from other providers)

If what you want is a static site on S3 then you would have to export to disk and publish using an S3 client, as Sparkle doesn’t have built-in S3 file transfer. Anything PHP-based wouldn’t work (so contact forms, site search, instagram widgets).

I am trying to use amazing. sftp service to connect to a S3 bucket and host

If I did use lightsail which blueprint would be compatible with Sparkle?

Probably LAMP, looks like the simplest.

Using lamp for years and never got me disappointed