Publishing Error 5/4/22

Hi, any help appreciated:on trying to re- publish my site since updating it I am getting the message 'The encryption certificate is expired, security could be at risk. Your web host has mis-configured their FTP server. My encryption certificate is currently valid and my host has tried publishing my site using Filezilla without problem so it would seem all is ok at their end. If I ‘connect anyway’ ignoring the encryption error message I am getting a publishing error flag but on clicking ‘show’ nothing happens so I don’t know what the error is. In Site Settings there is a message stating ‘This view requires set/WantLayers:YES’. I am using a Mac OS 10.12.6 Sparkle One 4.0.7

Does going to with Safari work?

Sorry but how would that help?

Trying to answer this: "Unable to connect" error message on macOS 10.9-10.12.1

Actually sorry that is not relevant in this case.

Do you have an antivirus or network blocking software installed?

No, I haven’t. However, I have now managed to publish the revised site by changing the destination folder on the host site and password. I do have one more issue - the privacy/cookie buttons have disappeared (I haven’t disabled them) but I haven’t yet tried to fix this - I’m sure it’s not insoluble

There really isn’t a general solution to this, because generally things don’t disappear. Please send the project file to and we’ll take a look.

It was just a cookies issue, in the past I probably dismissed the banner. it’s back now I have cleared the history