Publishing - new version not visible

I am new to Sparkle but have built sites with 3 other tools eg Freeway Express
I am struggling with publishing new versions:-
I publish, check all the files have been updated in my domain but then if I go into the site, no update
I have tried leaving it a few hours to see if it is a timing thing but no.
I have tried removing the publishing cache in Sparkle - no difference
The only way I can get the new version is to delete everything out of my domain.
I have not had this issue with the 3 previous tools I have used

I am puzzled and it is a pain deleting everything each time I want to publish

Any help appreciated

This is definitely not typical or common. Best we also looks at this privately. Please send in details about your domain, specific addresses, screenshots of what you have changed in sparkle.

Who is your web hosting service?
On further checking, the files sent to the FTP area were correct, it was the proliferation after.
It seems ok now,
May be there was an issue their end at the time I first started to use Sparkle by coincidence. has a server side cache, which delays publishing of changed files. I think it might be possible to turn the cache off from their control panel.

I use Easily and occasionally have problems. Are you aware of any issues with them?

I don’t recall sorry. Checking your domain headers suggests they might have.

Server side caches are common because it helps with wordpress sites. Not really any use for Sparkle sites.

I have just published an update and everything worked ok so it seems it was just a blip and it coincided with my first publishing of sparkle site
I will look at the cache suggestion

Thanks for your help