Publishing question

Really enjoying the software. I’ve always been dumb when it comes to these settings. I’m stuck on the first line in the graphic. “Include the sub folder path”. Is this the first page of my site? Ie… Bill
Also I’m new to Mac so it compounds my question. My thanks.

@Woodrow, We all have to start somewhere and asking questions is the best way! So don’t be shy or down on yourself to ask away! :slight_smile:

I’ve mucked this up a few times myself so here goes…

  • the Web Address is where you want Sparkle to Publish your site too, so in your case it is your domain name “”, and you wouldn’t add anything more unless you are publishing your site to a sub-folder like test and then it would be “”
  • the Server is either your domain name ( or your given FTP (
  • User & Password is what has been given to you by your hosting platform to log into your cPanel or any type of interface given to you that allows you to manage your website on your hosting platform

For the last two you can leave them as they are.
This part will test your patience a bit but just keep at it (also with the alternatives given) and it will work and you will be so excited in seeing your website out in the wild.

Always a little different for every software package you use. Macromedia, Adobe and Xara.
Yes, I’m as old as Macromedia. :wink:

Thanks @greenskin.

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