Publishing taking forever and then failing

When I go to publish new updates to my website it is taking forever to upload all files and then when it does reach completion I receive an error saying it could not upload due to a file error, all of my photo files are png which have not caused issues in the past, my internet connection is 500+mbps up & down, I did experience memory issues as well during publishing prior to the latest update which I don’t have anymore but I literally cannot update my website at all now, any advice would be appreciated.

Screen Shot 2021-02-21 at 9.28.04 AM

is there anyway of viewing the problematic files?

Your internet connection isn’t necessarily relevant, your web host might have a bandwidth cap per server or per domain.

One suggestion is to try setting up a new publish location, the setup process is somewhat more verbose about potential issues.

If that reveals nothing I’d suggest publishing again, getting to the error message, then from the Sparkle Help menu selecting “send sparkle log via email”. This sends us a trace of the communication with the server and possibly reveals something more.

I tried changing the connection number from 1 to 10 on my original publish location and my site immediately published and updated, however this only seamed to work once and then I think Bluehost blocked my connection because when I went to setup a new publish location I was blocked from logging into the ftp via sparkle. Ive been messing with publish setting only then to get Amy connection blocked which I believe is the main issue with uploads. The only other thing I’ve noticed is how long its taking to compress all of the images on my site. Is there anyway to pre-compress the site before publishing and using that cache for the site publish cache? Ill leave my computer for hours on end and when I come back files are still being compressed, my computer is old but not that slow 2.5 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 w 16 gb ram. Thanks for the response I’m still waiting for another fail message to view the error log email but will look into it when I do get it. thanks again

If your web host blocked you then that’s definitely the issue.

Sparkle does take a while to compress but then saves them in a cache for later use, it’s a once-per-image deal.