Publishing the same project from different computers

I am working from 2 different computers, with a dropbox in between.
When I publish from the computer A, Sparkle does not understand that only some pages changed if I made the changes with the computer B and republishes the complete website.
Is it normal? Do you have a solution?
Thank you

Ok so you have made changes with computer B and the Sparkle file sits in dropbox. If that is correct then you need open that updated file in your Sparkle on computer A and make the changes and upload… and this is repeated whenever the other computer is used to make changes.

Sparkle itself does not update when the file is used by another version of Sparkle.

Uploading all the pages, even though I had only changed a few, has also confused me. Now I noticed that there are also elements - the main menu for example - that have the status “show on all pages”.

Then it seems quite logical that all pages have to be uploaded again if you make a change to such an element.

Have you ever considered this?

Mr. F.

Hi @Angel49,

we have expressly designed Sparkle to be able to be used on multiple Macs. This post describes how setting up publishing works:

It is essential that the same publish location be used to only transfer changes. In the case of two Macs there will be some overlap because they have separate publish locations, but the whole website won’t be republished.

That said a common misconception is that single html files will not be republished, that’s not the case. It’s explained here:

Sparkle’s ‍goal ‍when ‍publishing ‍is ‍the ‍performance ‍of ‍the ‍published ‍website. ‍This ‍has ‍informed ‍some ‍choices ‍that ‍make ‍the ‍publishing ‍process ‍slower ‍than ‍what ‍would ‍be ‍intuitive, ‍but ‍the ‍end ‍goal ‍is ‍a ‍speedy ‍experience ‍for ‍the ‍site ‍visitor.
‍For ‍example:
‍- during ‍publishing ‍Sparkle ‍will ‍use ‍image ‍compression ‍algorithms ‍that ‍favor ‍higher ‍compression ‍(and ‍smaller ‍file ‍sizes), ‍at ‍the ‍expense ‍of ‍compression ‍time;
‍- ‍‍the ‍main ‍html ‍file ‍for ‍each ‍page, ‍and ‍the ‍corresponding ‍javascript ‍and ‍css ‍files, ‍are ‍all ‍re-generated ‍every ‍time ‍the ‍site ‍is ‍published, ‍this ‍is ‍designed ‍to ‍work ‍with ‍server ‍and ‍browser ‍caches.
‍In ‍order ‍to ‍avoid ‍re-compressing ‍the ‍images ‍every ‍time ‍you ‍publish, ‍Sparkle ‍associates ‍a ‍disk ‍cache ‍with ‍each ‍publish ‍location, ‍you ‍can ‍manually ‍clear ‍it ‍from ‍the ‍Sparkle ‍preferences ‍window, ‍but ‍more ‍importantly ‍re-using ‍the ‍same ‍publish ‍location ‍is ‍what ‍ensures ‍publishing ‍is ‍fast ‍and ‍only ‍transfers ‍changed ‍files.

As mentioned all pages are always republished, but they are very little size compared to images and other assets.

Unfortunately, all the website has to be republished, not only the .html.
And the A publishing settings are not recognized from computer B.

Yes, of course, it’s not a “show on all pages” problem.

The OS version is not the same on the 2 computers, coud it be the explanation?

Please reread the previous reply, the linked post explains how to get the publish settings on both Macs.

Using iCloud.
I use Dropbox and I think I made what you describe, but without success.
May be I don’t understand well.

If you recreate the publish settings, Sparkle will inevitably republish everything. The list of files on the server is stored along with the publish settings.

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