Publishing to a local network server

Trying to publish a corrected Sparkle created website I get the ‘No publish location defined’ message, but I cannot set it up correctly. The location is on a local network server running OpenSSH and VSFTP.
I have tried a domain name for the local network server and even the IP address of it, but the publishing comment is ‘The ftp server does not exist’. What does Sparkle require as an FTP server?

Hi @cearlp,

Sparkle tries to catch the most common setup issues, such as a typo in the FTP server name. If I recall Sparkle just does a DNS lookup of the server name. Maybe in your case the DNS isn’t set up correctly or hasn’t propagated yet, or if you’re using a .local address there’s some magic to that.

This is the kind of issue that comes up a lot when people try to set up their own server. Sparkle works fine with proper configurations, for example we set up our own VPS from scratch on DigitalOcean (using openssh) and publish to it all the time.

Unfortunately troubleshooting what the configuration issue might be is beyond the scope of what we can support.

Maybe someone in the community will chime in, but my guess is you have not provided enough information to work with, and you are focusing on Sparkle issues when, in my opinion, it’s more likely to be a server setup problem.

Duncan, I knew it wasn’t a Sparkle problem. I just wanted to know what exactly Sparkle was looking for when it used the info in the setup operation. I thought I might learn what was wrong with what I input in the setup window.