Publishing to GoDaddy

I am trying to publish my website to GoDaddy using Sparkle’s built-in publishing tool. However, when setting up the connection, Sparkle says that the FTP server (provided by GoDaddy) does not exist. Any recommendations? Could someone provide an example of the connection details they used to successfully publish a site to GoDaddy?

Many Sparkle users use GoDaddy, so I can assure you it’s working fine. What the problem is exactly is tricky to answer with so little information. Can you provide a screenshot of your settings?

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Here’s the screen shot. The server, user, and password are all pulled from the GoDaddy FTP account. Thanks! does exist, doesn’t appear to… a quick test from the command line:

$ host
Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)
$ host has address

if I recall correctly GoDaddy generally gives IP addresses for FTP servers, though maybe they just added the “ftp” entry do your domain’s DNS and it hasn’t propagated yet.

Switched the server to the shared IP address and it worked perfectly, thank you for the help!!