Publishing to one website

I only have one website. I published to it quite some time ago.
I made a few changes to some text on several pages and tried to publish again.
I had several attempts to get the web address and the FTP server name and info correct that resulted in the “Not being published” error message before getting any further.
Then, when I thought things were correct and tried to publish I got:
“You have elected to publish to ???, upgrade to Sparkle Pro to publish to unlimited websites.”
What does this message imply, setup info still wrong or something else?

Hi @cearlp, are you using the 14 day trial?

Might be best to get back to Duncan (@duncan) at

No, I have Sparkle One.
As I said, I had published the site several times before while developing it.


Did you change the settings for the upload or renamed the project? For some reason sparkle ONE “thinks” that you have more than website. The best would be to get in touch with Master @Duncan, using

Mr. F.

Thanks, I will go to the Master.