Publishing Upload

First, still new to Sparkle, but familiar with html and web publishing.

I understand that the first time you publish a new site, it is going to upload everything and compress all the images. Good enough. Did that yesterday.

Today I have been working exclusively on the home (index) page of the site, trying to optimize for devices (that may have to be another post). That page contain text and five images. To really preview in actual devices you have to post online. When I published the site, it is taking a long time because it is uploading the entire site again. I can read the list of images it is compressing, and I have not touched ANY of them today. I have only worked on the home page.

Is that going to be the norm, or do I have a setting wrong? I thought it would only upload the modified pages and images. What’s up? Thanks, C

Well I think I can go a long ways into answering this question. Sparkle did indeed “edit” every page of this site. The screen shot is of a page which had my name up top, a menu-burger, then a vertical row of images, each with a title. Sparkle shredded that completely. What a waste of time. I will point out that this page is built completely within a layout block. On the home page today I was experimenting (after reading more documentation) with either getting rid of the layout block all together, using one for the menu area, and placing each artwork and title within its own layout block (or as a group). I really did not expect working on the home page and previewing in 320 and 960 would be a site wide disaster.

Hi @CalicoSilver, welcome!

Sparkle does not automatically adapt the layout for mobile devices, so you are expected to adapt it the way you need it.

The mobile layout added different image resolutions, causing an additional image compression. That’s the simplest explanation for what you noticed, though we never rule out bugs or weird server configurations that might cause re-uploads, so if that happens consistently we can look into it.