Publishing using ftp

Ive connected to my host (hostpapa). Ive been able to create another directory (just to see if all is working fine) this all no problem.

However once when I go through the steps that Sparkle has made me through I get an error:
Screenshot 2024-06-13 at 15.34.51

the selected folder is not published… and the folder on the server is complete empty…

Hi @RudiW,

the problem here can be looked into with more details about the server. If you are cropping out the “interesting” bits for privacy, please email us the full screenshot ( and we’ll look into it.

There is no one answer to why the setup fails. What Sparkle is attempting to do there is to ensure the folder you pick on the FTP server filesystem is the same that’s configured on the web server side of things for the web address you picked. This can fail for a number of reasons, the main ones being:

  • if the FTP user can’t access the folder with the website files, because it has a restriction to access a folder lower in the filesystem tree, you will need to modify or recreate the FTP account on the web host, and give it unrestricted access to the server folder;

  • if you are setting up the website on a new web host, but the domain is still on a previous web host, or is in the process of moving, Sparkle will be unable to access the “probe file” on the new web host, you will need to wait for the domain transfer to complete.

perfect I will do. I thought myself that the first reason you mentioned would be the one. as I needed to recreate new ftp login details it deleted the old one, and with that maybe the root structure…?

The FTP accounting is generally completely independent from the file/folder structure. That would be very unusual and is very unlikely. But it’s probably best if you contact your web host about it.