Quick look at MENU

Hi All, I am trying to finish the main aspects of this site, in particular the menus (top and footer). Could several of you hit a couple pages quickly, and just let me know if the hamburger menu is working as you would expect? Is the font large enough ? Any issues I need to correct w regard to the menu ?

Site is craigmcdowall.com

This is meant to be a simple portfolio site, and I have tried to do the basics well. I do have a couple pages to add like About and Next Exhibit. One of the last steps will be to color the background so that the white squares won’t show at the top corners (did that before I knew about the wide box). Except for the footer and top menu, which are groups, each artwork has its own layout block. I have not gone into each page and moved the footer, so it may be off.

Thanks! Craig

Your top hamburger menu looks good and is clear to read on mobile! :ok_hand:

Your footer navigation is cut off when it unfolds beyond the footer widebox. So you’ll need to play with that a bit more so it clears the layers that are cutting it off…

Hi @CalicoSilver the menu is working and the font looks good. I personally would like to see the last sub menus close when the new ones are opened. I hope I’ve made that clear enough. Also there is some over typing of text in the mobile version, I’ve attached a screen shot

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Thanks Simon.
Part of the reason I asked the question is what you raised, the overall behavior of the sub menus. They are slightly different on various devices. On my small phone they froze. Sometimes the sub menus do what you suggest, and sometimes they don’t. PS: I’ll fix the text - gracias.

I’ll check for sure, but last I looked the footer menu was at the top (or second to the main menu) in the layer stack. The whole group is at the top of the layers. Thanks, c

Hi Craig.

On mobile the upper menu extends “out of screen” when you open all positions.
Why not a popup menu?

Footer: i have never seen a menu like yours in a footer. I would use text only.

Mr. F.

Mr F - thanks for the response. “Why not a popup menu” – mainly because this is finally beginning to work right, and I have to move onto more important things. Starting over is just a non starter right now when I should be making new sculpture for my October exhibit.

On the footer, can you elaborate on “I would use text only” ?

Is this what you mean, text and simple links ? (the image is is a footer)

BTW - my experience and results for my site were better when I used Opera, which had a clean cache for the site. Using Preview with Firefox eventually did not work very well - even images disappeared.
Warmly, C

Hi Mr. CalicoSilver.

Popup Menu? That’s what made me think of it:

So, for a smartphone layout only.

Footer? Yes, more or less like the screenshot. Not each and every page should be listed. Then the main menu should be made sticky to the top.

Maybe i’m thinking too much “inside the box”. For me, a menu has to be on the top and drop down.

Is your bottom menu “trapped” in a layout block? The submenus can not escape this structure.

Mr. F.

Good suggestions, I’ll follow along with that.
Regarding the top menu on the mobile, Yes I have seen that, and not crazy about it. When it goes beyond the length of the screen it is not useful. At this point it is a small group of site visitors I think.
Good idea to make it sticky on top, I’ll look into that.

The footer menu (which I will change) is actually in a wide box. On pages where the footer is some distance from the layout block above, it still cuts off the menu. So the top of wide box is cutting off the menu.
Thanks for the input.