Quick query about Device Layouts

Hi all —

Just finished my first website in Sparkle, a portfolio site which is a bit of a beast having lots of large images. I’ve only designed it for Desktop so far and need to add in some mobile versions now.

Am I right in saying that it’s best to make sure the Desktop version is sully complete before moving on to changing other sizes?

When I was first testing out Sparkle, I was designing both Desktop and Smartphone at the same time and when I switched layout from one to the other, odd things were happening that I hadn’t done so I assumed it was best to complete one layout before moving on to tweak the others. Is that correct?


I do all three or four at the same time, I get the overall structure right across all instances, then design pages per instance at the same time. That way, I can control how I want people to see that particular information on each device.

That’s just what works for me, as it is all about importing information, when it comes to it, so I want to know it is done most effectively for that piece of information, as I design it.

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Yep @Gordie I would go down that track if you have already finished your site in the one device.
Having built out your website on the one device you can then let Sparkle help you with the rest.

If you have designed your site in the 1200 device, you can use Sparkle’s auto-scaling.
But when it comes to your 320 device you will have to adjust everything manually until it looks presentable on mobile.

I would also recommend using an actual mobile device to help you see how your User’s will see it on mobile. That way you won’t get caught out with any unsuspected surprises.

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This is great, thanks both for the quick replies as I’m trying to get it finished today if possible. I’d like to just get it out there on Desktop and 320 first then come back to it later once it’s been used a little.

My problem though has been things moving round from one Layout size to another while I was working on multiple layouts but it sounds like that’s not a problem for others. I wonder if I was doing something wrong as working on multiple layouts at the same time is surely okay to do?

That was why I only worked on Desktop, because my first experience of multiple layouts was very chaotic and unpredictable…

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How did you go about it @Gordie?..

Did you have the multi-devices, but you only worked in one device to add things?
The devices work independently of one another although they share all the elements across all the devices but you need to pick one device where you place the raw elements into, otherwise I can see a lot of mess occurring!

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Ah! Maybe that was it, I don’t recall exactly as it was such a horror show I almost didn’t buy Sparkle but it’s such a nice piece of software to use I tried again but using one device only.

So if I only add elements to one device but move them around on others things should work okay?

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Yep that would! :slight_smile: And you’ll have a great site! :slight_smile:

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I’ve lately begun my sites in 320 mobile, then moved on to Desktop later.
Mobile is king anyway so I start there now.


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