Radio Buttons confusion

Hi! Can anyone tell me how radio buttons when used in a contact form work exactly?
My scenario: I have a contact form (sending and receiving it works fine),
and in that I have 4 sections with radio buttons because people have to choose out of 4 options. My problem is in the email with the info they filled out I get a variable for all the radio buttons- not just the one that the person chose.
Example: If I ask if they want to pay Amount 4, 5, 6 or 7 Dollars, and they select 6 I get an email that says
desiredAmount 4: (blank)
desiredAmount 5: (blank)
desiredAmount 6: 6
desiredAmount 7: (blank).

Is there the possibility that I am doing something wrong? I would think it would only send the selected radio button option in the email. Aka wouldn’t it make things more structured and less confusing to not include the other non-selected options aka were better to only receive ONE LINE in the email saying “desired Amount: 6” and don’t send the not selected radio buttons at all. I hope anyone gets what I’m saying. hides


1st: can you select more than one option (amount)? If YES, you have misconfigured the set of Radio Buttons.

The four radio buttons must have the same form name (e.g. Amount)!

The description (label) is then individual: 4 dollars, 5 dollars, 6 dollars or 1 million dollars.

When selecting the data to be sent, all radio buttons must be selected, but only one result is sent, if I am not mistaken.

Mr. F.

At the moment @Dooria79 it is correct how Sparkle sends out the email with all form elements if selected or not. If there is a lot of information to gather it can look a bit messy at times.

And also what you say makes sense.
What I have been doing is capitalising my form elements variable name which helps me a bit.

Instead of having 4 radio buttons have you considered the “Option Selection”?

thank you fozzie and flaming fig.
I am on the brink of changing those radio buttons to option selection, bc it gives me grey hair since this morning. :frowning:

No i can not select more than one option, that would not be radio button, that would be check boxes. No idea what Fozzie means by they all have to have the same form name… ? (I’m using sparkle in german since I’m Austrian)

OK. My tests are made with Version 4.5.x
Maybe something slipped into Version 5 that is a bug. Don’t know.

That’s what i mean:
Bildschirmfoto 2023-05-29 um 15.44.04

Etikett = the payment individual and different for each button.
Formular Variable = always the same for each button.

Then only 1 item is sent. At least with my test :wink:

A dropdown selection would help as well.

Mr. F.


OMG!!! NO way!!! Thank you Mr. F for this explanation… und in Deutsch auch noch :slight_smile: I would have never guessed this!! Will try this right now.