Randomly banner


I’m trying to figure out how to make randomly rotating banners without the use of Javascript. Something that can be used as code inserted in the page. I could do it in HTML5 with an application that I use to create multimedia material and use its code within the page concerned but maybe some of you have already addressed and solved this problem?


Sounds like you could use a Sparkle slideshow…but not to get the random part. How important are random banners to you?


In general the rotation of a random banner allows the user to not always see the same things. I write books and deal specifically with special effects, so I would like to promote on my site digital books or services diversified according to the topics that are presented. Today I could run a banner where I sell a special on Back to the Future. Tomorrow I could present a tutoring service for filmmakers on how to achieve a certain effect or use a certain plug-in. If I insert the banners by hand, I need to go back over them and change them manually after 2 days or 3 … instead with a random slideshow (as you call it more correctly) I should not worry about changing the banner manually but I would know that every time the visitor accesses the page this is changed every time offering more opportunities to view my products. It would be nice if you could have a causal slideshow…