Really need somebodies help... need to have form on home page?

So I have a form on my home page that I need to get the info sent to me. I am doing it the “easy way” and choosing the “email via web server”… i am running into an issue though. since it’s the home page it is just the domain name without the .php at the end… which it needs in order to make the form email server sending nonsense work.
If I didn’t explain too good there here is another go at it… I noticed the pages that have forms that work have the for example… not just sooo how do I make the home page a .php page so that the form will send properly?

Any work around will work. I am not too useless so just pointing me even in the right direction would be sooo appreciated there is nothing bout this ANYWHERE on here or online that i can find and I am about to ram my head through a wall!!! i can’t seem to imagine no one else has ran into this issue?!

When you set the home page itself as the thank you page, Sparkle will automatically make the page “index.php” instead of “index.html”, and that will still work with the bare address (with no page name).