Receive data to embed webapp

My user wants to be able to click on a button on the homepage and pass a value to another sparkle page that has an embedded (iframe) of a webapp. Getting the data while in the webapp is no problem (flutter web) but I"m not seeing in this forum or documentation how to receive data from the url in sparkle.

Two buttons on home page with appended data to the url. 1st button will pass ?county=‘This county’. 2nd button will pass ?county=‘that county’.

I want the sparkle page to get the county data from the received url. Then I want to include that data in the embedded webapp by passing that same data. ?county =‘passed county’ when calling the webapp url.

Welcome onboard @jodymac15! :slight_smile:

From what I’m reading I don’t believe Sparkle is able to do that.
Maybe it is best to run it past @duncan at for better clarification…

Thanks for the quick reply. Is Duncan not active in this forum?

Yes he is @jodymac15, but at the moment he is fast asleep and will only see these forum messages around 5-6pm (in the next 4 odd hours) my time here in Australia…

Also the other reason is that Duncan can give you a direct answer because what you need is coding to get what you want to achieve and Sparkle isn’t about that.

Hi @jodymac15, Sparkle doesn’t have built-in support for that, and this is more of a developer kind of question which a developer would know how to fit within the constraints of what Sparkle offers (say an external link setup on the button). It also really depends on how things are set up, it’s not impossible to do, just very open ended.

I generally prioritize questions that are specific to Sparkle or interest Sparkle users in general, and leave the community to answer questions that are clearly more about coding and obscure/specific/limited interest.

Not a problem, thanks for the reply and Flaminfig too. Sparkle does exactly what I need it to. My workaround will be to recreate the headers and footers in the webapp and use it as another page rather than an embedded object. I can pass the selected button value in the url then.