Recipe Design Pattern for Sparkle

There may be a way to do this already in Sparkle, but I am not aware of any solution.

Is there a way to have multiple Pages “share” the same text box, but allow the content to be different on each page? This like having a Text - Arrange - Visibility property that for the Show on all pages options to allow the refinement-> Allow different text per page.

This is like the Shared Field property in Hypercard/Supercard.

I want to lay out a recipe food site based on one I did in SQL and treat text field objects like templates.

Here is the hybrid Sparkle+ASP site >>>

If you go to Recipes you can use the search engine to retrieve SQL-driven recipe responses.


Yes @Mark it can be done…

The text box is universal to all the devices you introduce. In you case your would hide the text box on the devices you want to personalise the content, introduce a new text box (with unique content) for that device and hide that introduced text box on all the other devices.

Linking those text boxes with an SQL driven database I have no clue, and if it is something you want to do I could add Sparkle isn’t built for those scenarios.

Thanks for the tips, but I am asking for a new feature. A “master” text box that is on all pages, but allows different content on each page. ~ mark

That’s not currently possible. The developer tools do have a smart field that you can populate via a code snippet, which could work with the database, but let’s say it’s a coding thing and not a Sparkle native thing.

Got it. Thanks, Duncan.

A goal is to no longer use a database.

So let’s say you want your Sparkle site provide 800 illustrated recipes without a data base. I suppose, just style a page, then duplicate it 800 times and put each recipe per page. Then use the Sparkle search engine to retrieve them, or provide hand built indexes of cuisines and such.


@Mark why don’t you use the blog feature in Sparkle?
You can use its tagging feature which is sort of a flat file database.

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I like how you think. Definitely a workaround, let me experiment. I fear there may not be enough fields.

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