Recover a trashed ".sparkle" file?

Basic question here is if one trashed a .sparkle file by mistake, is there any hope of recovery.

Just lost half a days work. My fault, I’m hyper and somewhat impatient.
Trashed one of my sites updates. I know what I did and the artwork is all fine in another folder. Just time lost.
There are recovery software, yes. But the document I want is a .sparkle file. I am checking, but the Data Rescue 4 recovery software is not doing me any good. I’ll check to see if Disk Drill has these capabilities below.
Should be simple. A 50 mb file within the last 24 hrs.
Should also be able to just type in the extension .sparkle and search for that specific file type. I’ll spend some time looking at recovery and get back. Otherwise, I’m lucky it was only a few hours.

I’m afraid that if you don’t have time machine this is more about data recovery and how the system deals with delete data.

If you have published the project online, you can use Sparkle’s import feature, it’s not going to be like the original but it can be a head start.

Yes, there really is not anything to do about this.
Tomorrow I will rework things, probably will take less time then the original work.
Time machine would have worked too.

Hi…For my most important projects, I upload my .Sparkle file to the FTP server as a back up.
Just a thought for futures… since stuff happens sometimes.

Time Machine is great, but I also make other backups using Carbon Copy Cloner to a separate external drive. Carbon Copy Cloner makes bootable back ups which can save your bacon. Free to try for 30 days. to download it.

I have a triple backup system, maybe overkill, but I seriously got stung a long time ago, and never want to be in the same situation again.

  1. I use SuperDuper to clone my main drive once a week
  2. I use BackBlaze for constant backing up to the cloud
  3. I use Time Machine to a big external hard drive

I’m happy with this approach, and it gives me peace of mind.


I’ve heard this “3-2-1” backup strategy from photographers:

  • 3 copies of your data
  • 2 copies are local but on different mediums
  • 1 copy is offsite

The “different mediums” thing was actual medium, say optical/tape/disk. These days I’d say a plain disk vs. a raid box counts as different mediums.

Time Machine, SuperDuper and BackBlaze sound like a good system.

For my Mac I use Time Machine to a Synology and B2 to sync the Synology to Backblaze (it’s Backblaze’s business plan, a bit pricey but the only to back up straight from the Synology to the cloud). I am missing a second home backup system, but I’m just too lazy to remember to hook up an external disk to my MacBook Pro. If it was a desktop Mac it would probably be simpler.

Also use Time Machine, QNAP, iCloud & Backblaze. Never slept so well. :slight_smile: