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I went on a site verification yesterday to see if i had done it all right and somethings popped out.
One of the remarks was about redirection. It says i have not configured a 301 redirection and to use the re=“canonical” tag to indicate which version of my site is the best.
Do you know how to do this ?

Otherwise, it talked about using vocabulary, is this useful ? Can it be done with sparkle ?

then it talked about elements that are not in cache (8 elements), how do i correct this ?

Last but not least, it tells me my social links are not indicated for my site in structured Data. What does that mean ? Can i resolve that ?

Thanks for your help

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The canonical tag is set by sparkle when you enter the web address in the site settings.

The redirection thing is about picking vs, and set up a redirect from the one that’s not the real/“canonical” one, to the one that is. This can’t be done in Sparkle.

Configuring caching was discussed here:

Social metadata is generated automatically by enabling it in the site settings.

can i create the .htacces file with a html editor and post it at the root of my site ?

Yes, or use the file manager of your web host

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