Refresh page and go back to last page

I have the option to bookmark a website on my iPhone. It looks like an app. This web app has no buttons to refresh the page or to go back to the last page. Is it possible to recreate this in Sparkle?
Thank you very much and good luck during this time,

Hi Joerg

Yes, this is possible by choosing a button and linking it to “external link” with javascript:

  • for refresh/reload, use javascript:window.location.reload();
  • for go back, use javascript:history.go(-1)

s. screenshots

best regards, wolfgang

Bildschirmfoto 2020-03-22 um 22.22.33 Bildschirmfoto 2020-03-22 um 22.23.04

@eb0sowa, I think what you are referring to is when you bookmark a website in iOS that the browser chrome disappears everytime you call it up from your home screen, looking like an app. If that is the case anybody can download a website to home screen and then open it without the browser chrome on their iOS device. I think Android does similar.

Hello Hendrik, that’s right. If the content of the website changes, I don’t immediately notice it. The current content is only shown when I quit the “app” and restart it. The “update” function can be used in the browser, but it is not available in the “app” display. I would like to recreate that with a button in Sparkle.

Hello Wolfgang, this is the solution! Thanks a lot!