Rel=Alternative - what even? Help please

Hi, Google has been indexing my website and tells me that I need to “fix” the following issues

Alternate page with proper canonical tag

Apparently this affects 3 pages on my site:

I have a desktop version of this website and a mobile version set up (using one Sparkle website page builder) and I believe it may have something to do with that?

Anyone know how to fix this issue please?

Many thanks

Hi @Anska,

the problem is the / difference. Both load the same content, but from Google’s point of view it’s two different domains, and one is an alias of the other.

Sparkle places the “canonical” address in the page, based on the “web address” field in the general section of the site settings. But you can’t have two canonical addresses, just one.

So my guess is in the google search console you entered, and now google wants to find that as the canonical address.

You can change that in google, or you can change that in Sparkle, and more importantly you should probably get the website to redirect to or viceversa, based on what you decide.

How to configure the redirect is a server specific configuration, perhaps your web host can do it for you.

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That’s such great help! Thank you so much Duncan.